Meet the 2016-2017 UMass SMV Team!

2016-2017 Team Photo

UMass SMV revolves around teamwork. From┬ádeveloping the body and engines┬áto cleaning the shop, we work together to obtain the best results. We’re lucky to have such a great group this year!

Back row, starting on the left: Tony Hua, Nate Dagenais, Miguel Novo, David Kubai, Dillon Miller, John Burns, Blake Croteau, Nathan Malast, Mike Pereira, and our professor/team adviser Robert Daniello.

Front row, starting on the left: Derek Wegener, Sam Bernardon, Kevin Moran, Micaela Morelli, Kenny Nguyen, and our graduate TA Evan Rakusin.

Missing from this picture: Justin Barnes, Xavier Pereira, Travis Marks, and Zack Mackechnie