Daily Archives: April 19, 2008

Afternoon before PanJazz explosion!

I’m in the Thomas Cole Research Center Auditorium right now listening to Earl Rodney, Andy Narell, Nicholas Mohan, and Lorenzo Sanford rehearse. Here’s a taste…

Saturday around 3pm, Ajamu and I were in-studio guests on the WRFG 89.3FM (Atlanta) show, Rockers International, hosted by Lisimba & Paul Abrahams. Below is a podcasted excerpt as well as the show’s description off their website at


International-Program Overview

It is generally agreed that the success of Bob Marley paved the way for Caribbean Music to be played on the radio, here in North America, with regularity. Started in 1984, from the studios of WRFG 89.3FM (Atlanta), Rockers International (Rockers) has evolved into an extremely popular three-hour high-energy music/community news show that caters to diverse tastes in Caribbean music. It is well known that the Caribbean produces some of the most vibrant forms of music, including calypso, mento, zouk, ska, reggae, soca, compas, and salsa. While other genres are played and experienced elsewhere at WRFG, Rockers has successfully focussed on reggae, ska, calypso, mento, and soca.

Program Goals

* To preserve the rich musical legacy started by artists like Trinidad’s Lord Creator and Fitzvaughn Bryan (1950s), Cuba’s Perez Prado (1960s) and Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley (1960s) from Jamaica.

* To expose our audience to palatable (mature) musical trends originating from, or having some connection to the Caribbean, and see where they fit into the world musical discussion.

* To be a mouthpiece of and for the community we serve.