Last Day to Register for SoccerFest — TODAY!

Hello SoccerFest Fans!

Today, April 21st, is the last day to register for Supercuts SoccerFest 2010. Supercuts SoccerFest is coming to the UMass Amherst Campus from 8am-dusk on May 1, 2010. There are team options available to fit your needs: male, female, or co-ed, and different age divisions and skill levels.

We promise an action-packed day with the Clif Kid Fun Zone (inflatables, dunk tank, mini-Fenway, and more) and great games of SOCCER! Get online to to register your team TODAY!

Also, check out some pictures from the SoccerFest Staff Game getting ready for the SoccerFest tournament action:

From Amherst to Africa

Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 aims leverage soccer and sport as an opportunity to give back to the community. This dynamic festival provides a safe atmosphere of fun and fair play. SoccerFest is proud to be an interactive community event using soccer as a uniting thread for athletes, students, and families. Please read the following to find out more about this year’s community partners:

SoccerFest is pleased to announce a return of the Amherst Survival Center Dunk Tank. Everyone at the event will have the opportunity to dunk local celebrities and proceeds will be donated to the Amherst Survival Center. Additionally, SoccerFest has partnered with the Chituka Village Project of the Banda Bola Sports Foundation throug formerr UMass Soccer Coach Kalekeni Banda. 10% of registration fees will be donated to the Chituka Village Project and additional donations will be collected on-site.

To learn more about SoccerFest 2010’s great partners, visit: and

— Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 Marketing Team

SoccerFest out and about

The SoccerFest Marketing Team has been actively promoting the May 1, 2010 event throughout the Pioneer Valley and across many events. Where have the Supercuts SoccerFest promotions been??

  • Southwick Shootout
  • UMass Graduate Student Senate and BBQ
  • UMass Intramurals
  • UMass Greek Week
  • All-Sport Indoor Facility
  • Soccer City Indoor Facility
  • Amherst Regional High School
  • UMass Athletics Events

SoccerFest will be out promoting with a Giant Soccer Ball and a chance to sign up and win the autographed 2006 USA World Cup Team Soccer Ball. Be sure to check us out online at as well!

– Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 Marketing Team

2009 Event Recap

The SoccerFest action is picking up and teams are registering!! We can take this time to recap last year’s event with the pictures below. 2009 was a great success but students are working hard to make 2010 event better. Next post we will tell you about the changes being made for 2010, but for now, take a look at last year’s photos… (You can also see more on the web at

It’s Coming…

It was a beautiful day on the UMass Campus today… clear skies, 70 degrees, and the opening of Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 registration! You can register online,, or request a SoccerFest registration brochure (email or call (413)545-0454).

There are 4 v 4 (kids) and 6 v 6 (adults) team options. In the college/adult division, check out “Just for fun,” “Top gun,” or “Greek life” bracket options. You can also register male, female, or co-ed teams. Be sure to find a division and team option that best suits your needs.

Don’t forget…registration is as low as $10 a player and closes April 21st. Get your friends together and sign up a team today!

All teams that register for Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 are entered to win a soccer ball autographed by the 2006 USA World Cup Team. Get in the spirit for the 2010 World Cup by signing up for SoccerFest.

Welcome to SoccerFest 2010

Welcome back everyone! Although the SoccerFest Blog took a hiatus last year, the 2009 event was a great success. We are looking forward to SoccerFest 2010 topping all years past, so don’t miss out on the action May 1, 2010 on the UMass Campus.

Supercuts signed as a title sponsor last year, and we welcome them back for a second year. We are also proud to announce a partnership with the Chituka Village Project ( 10% of registration fees will be donated to the Chituka Village in Malawi, Africa, as well as additional donations collected on-site. We will bring you more on this partnership and the Chituka Village Project in an upcoming post.

Check out previous posts by the SoccerFest 2008 Marketing Team and be on the lookout for 2010 news soon. Be sure to check out for all the latest information!

— Supercuts SoccerFest 2010 Marketing Team


Alright folks, we have alot of pictures so heres the plan: We are going to attempt to make all the pictures thumbnail images. So click on the picture you want to view and then it will open a new window with a bigger size. This is the best way to do it or else our blog will become around 60 pages long. Also, we have more pictures on the way so stay tuned. Shawn and I (mostly shawn, I just pretend I know what i’m doing) will be updating the winners gallery on the main page as soon as we get a chance.


Everyone loves the media.

 Here are a couple media pieces on SoccerFest. (And yes, they all took the story from the same press release, but hey news is news right?)

Daily Collegian:


New England Soccer News:


Thank you

First off. We know everyone wants some event pictures, and we promise we will get those to you ASAP. Right now our photographs are being digitally edited by our good friend Todd (hes the man) up in New Hampshire. As soon as they arrive we will get our winners gallery and event pictures up. After all who wouldn’t want to see this event??

Secondly, Shawn and I want to thank everyone who has been reading this blog during the semester. We had an amazing time making it and we hope you all had a pleasure reading it.

For me personally this class has been THE best I have taken here at UMass. None other comes even close (and no I’m not trying to suck up for a better grade haha). In all honesty, this class turned 27 classmates into close friends, and in the process we all got to put on what we feel will turn out to be a legendary soccer tournament.

Since I’ve been blogging here for a semester I figured I would give a message to everyone in the SoccerFest class. Thank you guys for making this semester so memorable, all of you have immense talents that will propel you to big things in whatever path you chose to take. Never forget what we accomplished this semester and never lose touch with each other.

To the marketing department: I love you guys, together we all made the dream of 137 teams a reality.

-Matthew Weinberger- class of 2008


and in typical SoccerFest 6 fashion:

Pre-Event Setup

Heres a view of FANtasy Fenway..we got it up in a record time despite the rainy weather in the wee hours of the morning.


Ari and Katelyn -what a moment.


A side view of our stage and Fenway. The stage will be the home to many different acts on Saturday and will feature Maxxtone later in the day.

Front view of the stage.

Phil proudly wearing his nice PUMA red jacket, and conducting some business on the telephone.

Sam (yellow sweatshirt) probably trying to explain something. Most likely no one understood what she was trying to say. preevent1.jpg