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Here are a handful of twitter feeds that you may find useful for your studies.

An Australia-based Japanese teacher from Kyoto. My blog gets updated daily from Mon to Sat. Please follow EasyJapaneseE in Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!

Hiragana Ninja Flag of Japan Nihongo
ひらがな忍者©︎ / For Everyone to Learn Japanese / Created by みつお

Inhae – French of Korean descent – Japanese learner – Goal: read books in Japanese Right-facing fist – N1: passed in 2019 Grinning face with smiling eyes- blog: reviews in English of Japanese novels Books

JLPT Challenge Questions
I’m a freelance Japanese teacherFlag of Japan I’m going to ask the JLPT question every day

Flag of JapanLearn JapaneseFlag of Japanwith Taro
Watch the full video with subs on YouTube!!! An intro video for beginners in Japanese to learn Hiragana and essential Japanese words in daily life.

Reading Japanese 日本語
やさしいにほんごを読(よ)みましょう。リプライにはお返事(へんじ)します。Reading Japanese can be fun! Will reply to your message.

Eve Kushner
I’m writing (and selling) 1 study essay about each Joyo kanji (that’s 2,136 essays!), exploring all of its facets to help people understand deeply and remember.

Learn Japanese through manga with Yotsuba Four leaf clover in this video Yotsuba finds something that’s a bit scary!

Read Japanese
Author and Publisher of Japanese Textbook

Team JapaneseFlag of Japan
We love the Japanese language. Our mission is to make learning Japanese fun and easy for all!

Japango -Free online magazine for Japanese-
Japango is a free online magazine to study Japanese for those who want to learn and speak the Japanese language.

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