Inside that Japanese Book

Inside that Japanese Book is a blog and twitter feed from Inhae who has been studying Japanese and passed the N1 test in 2019. Lots of good recommendations for reading. What is great from my perspective is to learn from actual language learners what is and isn’t challenging for them. In this case, the writer finds that most literary fiction is too difficult-even at an N1 level. This rings true to me and serves as a good reminder when students ask for book recommendations.

He happily reads Higashino Keigo 東野圭吾, and I have had several students ask me about him since they have read his work in translation. I bought a copy of ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟 (角川つばさ文庫) but that is a huge reading commitment. This blog recommends some of his short story collections, so I think I will try a few of those.

This blog has lots of book reviews for mysteries. I will be keeping up with the blogger’s progress.

Twitter feed @japanesebook

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