SCiL 2018

The inaugural meeting of SCiL will be co-located with LSA 2018 as a sister society in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 4-7, 2018. It will be held jointly with a one-time workshop on “Perceptrons and Syntactic Structures at Sixty” whose invited speakers are listed below. The 2018 meeting of Cognitive Modeling in Computational Linguistics (CMCL) will also be held together with SCiL 2018.


Advisory Committee

  • Emily Bender, University of Washington
  • Leon Bergen, UCSD
  • Jennifer Culbertson, University of Edinburgh
  • Naomi Feldman, University of Maryland
  • Tim Hunter, UCLA
  • Roger Levy, MIT
  • Giorgio Magri, CNRS and University of Paris 8
  • Brendan O’Connor, UMass Amherst
  • Christopher Potts, Stanford University

Invited Speakers

  • Jacob Andreas
  • Emily M. Bender
  • Sam Bowman
  • Chris Dyer
  • Jason Eisner
  • Robert Frank
  • Matt Goldrick
  • Sharon Goldwater
  • Paul Smolensky

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