Schedule for SCiL 2021

Monday, February 15

9am-1pm EST

9:00am      Opening Remarks

9:15am      Keynote Talk: Naomi Feldman

10:45am    Break

11:00am    Talks: Processing and Acquisition (Chair: Kyle Mahowald)

  • Effects of Duration, Locality, and Surprisal in Speech Disfluency Prediction in English Spontaneous Speech.
    • Samvit Dammalapati, Rajakrishnan Rajkumar and Sumeet Agarwal. 
  • Learning Morphological Productivity as Meaning-Form Mappings.
    • Sarah Payne, Jordan Kodner and Charles Yang.
  • Modeling German Word Order Acquisition via Bayesian Inference.
    • Annika Heuser and Polina Tsvilodub.
  • Apparent Communicative Efficiency in the Lexicon is Emergent.
    • Spencer Caplan, Jordan Kodner and Charles Yang.

12:00pm    Posters: Syntax 

Tuesday, February 16

9am-2pm EST

09:00am    Talks: Semantics and Pragmatics (Chair: Katrin Erk)

  • A Rate-Distortion view of human pragmatic reasoning.
    • Noga Zaslavsky, Jennifer Hu and Roger Levy. 
  • Epistemic semantics in guarded string models.
    • Eric Campbell and Mats Rooth. 
  • Tuiteamos o pongamos un tuit? Investigating the Social Constraints of Loanword Integration in Spanish Social Media.
    • Ian Stewart, Diyi Yang and Jacob Eisenstein. 
  • Will it Unblend?
    • Yuval Pinter, Cassandra Jacobs and Jacob Eisenstein. 

10:00am    Break

10:15am    Posters: Morphology, Phonology, Cross-lingual, and Resources

11:15am    Break

11:30am    Keynote Talk: Martha Palmer

1:00pm      Gather.Town Social/Q&A

Wednesday, February 17

8:30am-1pm EST

08:30am    Keynote Talk: Steven Bird

09:30am    Break

09:45am    Talks: Multilinguality (Chair: Nathan Schneider)

  • A Network Science Approach to Bilingual Code-switching.
    • Qihui Xu, Magdalena Markowska, Martin Chodorow and Ping Li. 
  • What’s in a Span? Evaluating the Creativity of Span-Based Multilingual Constituent Parsing.
    • Daniel Dakota and Sandra Kübler.
  • CLiMP: A Benchmark for Chinese Language Model Evaluation.
    • Beilei Xiang, Changbing Yang, Yu Li, Alex Warstadt and Katharina Kann. 
  • Multilingual BERT, ergativity, and grammatical subjecthood.
    • Isabel Papadimitriou, Ethan A. Chi, Richard Futrell and Kyle Mahowald. 

10:45am    Break

11:00am    Talks: Phonology (Chair: Jane Chandlee)

  • Emergent Gestural Scores in a Recurrent Neural Network Model of Vowel Harmony.
    • Caitlin Smith, Charlie O’Hara, Eric Rosen and Paul Smolensky. 
  • Learning nonlocal phonotactics in Strictly Piecewise phonotactic model.
    • Huteng Dai. 
  • Capturing gradience in long-distance phonology using probabilistic tier-based strictly local grammars.
    • Connor Mayer. 
  • Learning Interactions of Local and Non-Local Phonotactic Constraints from Positive Input.
    • Aniello De Santo and Alëna Aksënova.

12:00pm     Gather.Town Social/Q&A

Thursday, February 18

9am-12:30pm EST

09:00am    Talks: Syntax (Chair: Adina Williams)

  • Structure Here, Bias There: Hierarchical Generalization by Jointly Learning Syntactic Transformations.
    • Karl Mulligan, Robert Frank and Tal Linzen. 
  • Multiple Wh-Movement is not Special: The Subregular Complexity of Persistent Features in Minimalist Grammars.
    • Thomas Graf and Kalina Kostyszyn. 
  • CCG Supertagging as Top-down Tree Generation.
    • Jakob Prange, Nathan Schneider and Vivek Srikumar. 
  • Drivers of English Syntactic Change in the Canadian Parliament.
    • Liwen Hou and David Smith. 
  • Testing for Grammatical Category Abstraction in Neural Language Models.
    • Najoung Kim and Paul Smolensky. 

10:15am    Break

10:30am    Talks: Morphology (Chair: Richard Futrell)

  • Inflectional paradigms as interacting systems.
    • Eric Rosen. 
  • Formalizing Inflectional Paradigm Shape with Information Theory.
    • Grace LeFevre, Micha Elsner and Andrea Sims. 
  • Strong generative capacity of morphological processes.
    • Hossep Dolatian, Jeffrey Heinz and Jonathan Rawski. 
  • Multiple alignments of inflectional paradigms.
    • Sacha Beniamine and Matías Guzmán Naranjo. 

11:30am    Posters: Semantics and Pragmatics

Friday, February 19

11am-12pm EST

11:00am    Business Meeting + General Discussion