Registration and hotel information

SCiL 2019 is being held as a sister society meeting with the LSA annual meeting. Participants must register for the LSA meeting – there is no SCiL-specific registration. See below for the code to register at LSA member rates, and the links for the deeply discounted hotel reservations.


The Annual Meeting page ( now has information about meeting registration and hotel reservations.

Meeting registration will be open through December 14, and hotel reservations through December 3.

Preregistration information is available at One of the benefits of your meeting with us is that your attendees get to register at LSA member rates. They can do this in one of two ways:

If they’re already LSA members, they can log in to the LSA website and simply register for the meeting using the instructions provided at the link above.

If they’re not LSA members, the can register as nonmembers, and use the following coupon codes at checkout to reduce the nonmember rates to the member rates: SISTER2019REGULAR for nonstudent attendees and SISTER2019STUDENT for student attendees.

They SHOULD NOT log in to the LSA website as members AND use the coupons. That’s double-dipping and we’ll hit them up to pay us back. Unfortunately, our system doesn’t have a way of preventing this, so please stress this point.

Hotel reservation information and links are available at