Dialogues and collaborations

Founding member and Editorial collective: Global Prison Abolitionist Coalition

The formation of the Global Prison Abolitionist Coalition was compelled by the need to connect the struggles of political and social prisoners around the world.

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Founding member and Coordinator: Critical Social Studies Workshop 

Formed in Fall 2017 CSSW is housed in Sociology and brings together scholars studying imperialism, coloniality, nation, race, gender, and class in manifestation. We are open to any topic, methodology, scale of analysis, time period, place, and theoretical tradition, but we do insist that they be critical.

Guest speakers

Critical Methodologies Workshop

Founding member and Coordinator: Network of South Asia Scholars 

The NSAS is a network of graduate students and independent scholars working on South Asia and related areas in the Five Colleges Inc. The network encourages collaboration and support structures between junior and senior scholars. We organize two sets of programs –  lecture and film series on South Asia and related studies and a writing workshop/support group for scholars of South Asia and related regions in Western Massachusetts.

Guest Speakers 

(Past) Coordinator: Critical Agrarian Studies and Political Economy 

The Critical Agrarian Studies and Political Economy workshop housed in the UMass Economics Department is a venue for students who are interested in researching questions related (but not limited) to Political Economy of Agrarian Reform/Transition Agricultural Economics, Relations of Production in Agriculture, Development and Agriculture, other rural issues or Political Economy questions.  The objective of the group is for students to get feedback on their work through presentations, share resources, and to help push along individuals’ research agendas. Frequency of meetings varies.  We meet around 4-6 times per semester depending on the availability of presenters and topics of interest. Students are expected to contribute by attending meetings, presenting, reading and commenting on papers, and leading discussions. The seminar group is largely student-led, with faculty acting in an advisory role and occasionally presenting.

(Past) Board Member for Valley Women’s Oral History Collaborative, Five Colleges Inc