Public Health

Covid 19: India and the U.S.

Since January 2021 I have been involved in two community engaged projects around the Covid crisis. One was as the co-chair of the International Student Caucus of the Graduate Employee Union and second was as a volunteer for the India CovidSOS.

A co-authored piece with Dr. Kuver Sinha “The Making of India’s Vaccine Famine: Beyond the North/South duality” was featured in the online version of Spectre Journal. June 3, 2021

Covid 19: U.S university workers

The Impact of Covid Lockdown on International Graduate Students is both a survey report of the experiences and consequences of the Covid crisis on campus. Continue reading

Select previous work

Exploratory study in the determinants of health seeking behaviors among older African American women for breast cancer screening (PI: Dr. Jean Swinney, Two technical reports submitted to National Institute for Health)

Cancer care satisfaction and needs analysis: Supporting adoption of evidence-based practice through improved dissemination. (PI/Employee: Donahue research institute. Technical reports submitted to the National Cancer Institute)