Public Sociology

Oral histories of political prisoners: In Dark Times (bilingual Marathi and Hindi)

In these series of interviews people living through regimes of state oppression act as our ‘travel guides’ through these landscapes and regimes of state truth (prisons, city morchas, forests rural and urban landscapes, courtrooms, truth labs, newspapers and the like). They narrate their experiences of the war and articulate traumas sustained. The aim of this project is to lay the grounds for a dialogue between insiders and outsiders of these landscapes, separated by a war whose measure is not known. 

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Editorial collective, Sanhati (Online magazine)

Sanhati’s aim is to provide a platform for evolving news, analyses, debates pertaining to the political economy of India and the world, with special emphasis on West Bengal. Struggle against corporate capital and upholding democratic rights of people are the prime objectives, along with our participation in the search for alternatives. Our endeavour is to give a voice to progressive reporting that is often unrepresented in, and ignored by, the corporate media, with a cautious eye on the objectivity of reporting. We invite activists/writers/journalists to contribute to our online journal. All submissions will be reviewed by our editors before getting published. Articles would be suitably copy-edited to improve readability.

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Board Member for Valley Women’s Oral History Collaborative, Five Colleges Inc

Oral histories: Transnational Feminist Movement: The United Nations Women’s Conferences. 

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