Gender Moxie

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The Gender Moxie Project is generously supported by the Spencer Foundation.

We are a research at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst looking at the experiences and resiliencies of transgender, gender-fluid, gender-nonconforming and genderqueer (to name a few) young people, ages 18months-11 years old. There is very little research outside of the biomedical field (and limited there, too!) that examines the resilience and strength, as well as life experiences and trajectories, of transgender and gender-nonconforming (etc.) young people, but almost NONE that focuses on very young children, despite the fact that we know that children as young as 18 months begin to express stress at the rigidity of the gender binary.

We want to learn about and support children, their families, their teachers and their peers. We also want to support and educate communities.

If you are the parent or caregiver of a child who experiences gender differently, and want to get involved, please consider enrolling your child in our study by contacting the Principal Investigator, Dr. Sally Galman at or on our website