I am a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I study Agreement and Case from both syntactic and psycholinguistic perspectives. Hindi-Urdu and other South Asian languages constitute the empirical focus of my work. My research on the processing of agreement in Hindi is supported by a DDRI Grant from the NSF  (Computing agreement in a mixed system: a psycholinguistic comparison of subject and object agreement in Hindi.)

As part of cross-linguistic research on the syntax of agreement I have looked at Person and Number hierarchies in agreement in other languages (Ojibwe, Cree and Dumi) with Ekaterina Vostrikova and Leland Kusmer.

As part of work on the processing of Hindi I collaborate with Samar Husain (IIT,Delhi), looking at contexts where ‘Forgetting effects’ arise in head final languages.

In addition, I have worked on various topics related to the syntax and syntax-semantics interface: Agents and Instruments in Hindi-Urdu Causatives; Focus marking ; Hindi-English Code-switching; Sluicing in Hindi-Urdu (with Jyoti Iyer); Anaphors in Hindi-Urdu (with Ethan Poole) and Comparatives in Hindi-Urdu (with Jyoti Iyer and Gurmeet Kaur).


Email me: sakshibhatia (at) linguist.umass.edu