I Love UMass Day 2019 – Another Successful Year!

As a tradition, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) holds an event that attracts hundreds of UMass students to come play games, win prizes, and write thank you notes to our university donors. We call this fun event, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this year, I Love UMass Day (ILUMD). This year ILUMD was held from 10-3 PM in the Integrative Learning Center, next to Peet’s Coffee. The event attracted over 534 UMass students who were able to write hundreds of  thank you notes in just 5 hours. In other words, ILUMD was a huge success!


The philanthropy committee, a subdivision of SAA with a specific focus on philanthropic event planning and community service, has continuously worked on improving this event over the past few years. This year, the committee was especially proud of the exciting prizes that we had to offer students who participated in  our event. These prizes included UMass pom-pom hats, phone wallets, pins, stickers, and free Peet’s coffees!

Additionally, the committee was proud of the inclusion of a trivia game as one of the ways to win prizes. This online trivia game asked students various questions about state and private funding on campus, as a way to promote awareness about the importance of donors. Some of the questions also included information about how donations provide things like scholarships and buildings and how the more donors we have, the higher UMass will be nationally ranked.


In addition to promoting the importance of donors, ILUMD is all about school spirit. ILUMD is a way to increase and instill pride in students. To do this, we encourage students to take a funny picture with our UMass backdrop and props or post on social media about a reason they love UMass with #iLoveUMass. We also ask students to put a heart sticker on their favorite part of our huge campus map. These little touches not only make the event more engaging, but also remind students, in the midst of cramming for exams and pulling all nighters, why they really love UMass.

Sarah Cotton ‘21, the Philanthropy Events Coordinator, tells us, “I Love UMass Day is one of my favorite events of the year. It is such a great way to thank donors and educate students about the importance of giving back. Also, the prizes are awesome and both students and SAA members have a lot of fun.” Thanks Sarah and congratulations to SAA and the philanthropy committee on another successful year for I Love UMass Day! ♥


Jess Morrison ’19

VP of Philanthropy

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