A CASE ASAP Conference Success!

We are so excited and inspired after returning for the CASE ASAP Conference this past weekend!

This year, we were able to bring 15 students of SAA to UConn for the annual district CASE ASAP conference to learn about all things SAA. Each year, this conference is held at different regional universities to showcase and collaborate with other student advancement groups. Here, SAA is viewed as an established and experienced organization where we are able to offer advice and share our knowledge to newer organizations. SAA had another successful year at the conference!

One highlight of this year’s trip was the presentation our seniors put together. Chosen by the District 1 CASE committee , Rebecca Munro ‘19, Zachary Richardson ‘19, Christopher Craig ‘19, and Shannon Emmett ‘19 put together a presentation on building a relationship with your advisor. In addition, Jamie Downer ‘19 was selected to lead a Roundtable Discussion session with other organization’s Communication members.

In addition to their presentations, UMass went 3 for 3 with the awards we applied for! Rebecca Munro ‘19 took home the Outstanding Student Leader award , our advisor Lindsay McGrath took home Outstanding Advisor award, and our organization received an Outstanding Student Advancement Program for SAA’s Commencement Ball.

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to Chris Craig, our training and development conference coordinator, for putting together one of our best conference experiences to date!

Megan Brennan ‘19

VP of Training & Development

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