My teaching is driven by real curiosity about how language, writing, and rhetoric work in the world, and particularly in the worlds of college and adult students. Every semester, I am re-engaged with my students as we puzzle over the effects or outcomes of literacy—why, we always wonder, do certain writers succeed or fail (online, in classrooms, in public)? When students leave my classroom at the end of a semester, they walk away with their own understanding of what writing is and the ways it is integral to their intellectual and everyday activities. With that knowledge, they optimally are able to use their literacies in informed ways, both for their own goals and, ever more urgently, to intervene in public mis/understandings about effective communication. I was so pleased to receive a College of Humanities and Fine Arts Outstanding Teaching Award in 2017 for my teaching at UMass Amherst. University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Literacy and Crisis—intermediate composition, spring 2010
  • The Writing Food Project— service learning intermediate composition, spring 2009, fall 2009, fall 2008
  • Academic Writing II—UW-Madison ESL Program, summer 2009
  • Expository Writing—People Program writing seminar for first-generation college students, summer 2009
  • Writing in Space and Place—first-year composition, spring 2008
  • Public and Private Writing—first-year composition, fall 2007
  • Writing Center Tutor—Outreach tutor 2008–2011, Community Writing Assistance tutor 2009-2011, Online synchronous and asynchronous tutor 2009–2010

San Francisco State University and Bay Area

  • English 414—developmental writing, SF State English Department, spring 2007
  • Beginning English Speaking—Even Start Adult Education Novato, CA summer 2005
  • ESL Academic Writing Tutor, SF State Learning Assistance Center, 2004–2005

Universidad Tecnica de Machala, Instituto de Idiomas, Machala, Ecuador

  • Advanced English Speaking and Writing (level 7), fall 2005, spring 2006
  • Beginning English Grammar (level 1-2) spring 2006
  • Intermediate English Grammar (level 5-6), fall 2005, spring 2006
  • Teaching and assessing writing in English, teacher training course, spring 2006