My research examines how transnational literacy practices are valued according to shifting language ideologies in higher education, workplace, and community contexts. Methodologically, my work takes an empirical approach to multilingual writing, using literacy history interviews and qualitative analysis to study the lived experience of writing as a multilingual migrant. These interests inform my book, Writing on the Move: Migrant Women and the Value of Literacy; a multi-campus mixed-method study of students’ language backgrounds with Shanti Bruce and Deirdre Vinyard entitled “The Language Repertoires of First-Year Writers”; and my current community-engaged literacy project with the International Language Institute of Massachusetts which has recently created a open source literacy curriculum for learning to drive in Massachusetts.


Articles and Essays

Book Chapters

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Edited Special Issue

Reviews and Short Essays

Work in Progress

  • Lorimer Leonard, Rebecca and Shawna Shapiro, Eds. “Special Issue on Critical Language Awareness in L2 Writing.” Journal of Second Language Writing (Forthcoming 2023)