I love teaching Intro to Linguistics and Intro to Syntax so much that I’ve developed my own materials!

You can find them HERE!

Teaching @ University of Toronto, Mississauga

Spring 2021: Sessional Instructional Assistant for LIN418H5S, ‘Research Methods in Linguistics’, taught by Prof. Photini Coutsougera

Teaching @ UMass

Spring 2020: Teaching Assistant for Ling 305 ‘Writing for Linguists’ with Brian Dillon

Fall 2019: (Distinguished Teaching Award finalist) Teaching Assistant for Ling 401 ‘Introduction to Syntax’ with Magda Oiry

Fall 2018: (*stand-in forZahra Mirrazi) Teaching Assistant for Ling 510 ‘Introduction to Semantics’ with Vincent Homer

Fall 2017: (Distinguished Teaching Award Nomineee) Instructor of Record for LING 401 ‘Introduction to Syntax’

Spring 2017: Instructor of Record for LING 201 ‘Introduction to Linguistics’

Fall 2016: Teaching Assistant for LING 401 ‘Introduction to Syntax’ with Nick LaCara

Spring 2016: Teaching Assistant for LING 101 ‘People and Their Language’ with Lisa Green

Fall 2015: Teaching Assistant for LING 201 ‘Introduction to Linguistic Theory’ with Kyle Johnson