My research interests lie somewhere at the interface between syntax and semantics. The CP layer has made quite an impression on me as I have tried to learn the mysteries of relativization, (multiple) questions, embedded questions and semi-questions, Q-particles and the like. I also seem to have some idea(s) about agreement, clitics and how Romanian generally “works” (if it does).

You can find a more recent paper of mine on embedded questions and semi-questions in the proceedings of ConSOLE XXIV.

Deniz Özyıldız and I have discovered a passion for Somali, more specifically for pronouns and (tensed) definite determiners. You can find some of our work on pronouns published online in the proceedings of Triple A 3 and, in its pre-print version, our work on (tensed) definite determiners in the proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21.

Currently, I’m more focused on figuring out Binding (and why Principle B doesn’t work!) and on whether strong NPIs and neg-words can give rise to grammaticality illusions.
My CV includes an incomplete list of some of my papers. Do contact me should you wish to peruse any of them!

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