Photo of Dr. Robert Feldman
Robert S. Feldman

Self-Presentation, Deception, and Nonverbal Behavior Research Interests

I study self-presentation in adults and children, both in terms of their verbal deception and nonverbal behavior. In this research, I look at the ways in which people use lying strategically in their social interactions, and the consequences of this deception.

A partial listing of my articles and books reporting this research includes:

  • Zimbler, M., & Feldman, R.S. (2011). Liar liar, hard-drive on fire: How media context affects lying behavior. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 41, 2492-2507.
  • Feldman, R.S. (2009). The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships. NY: Twelve.
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Reports of this research have been the focus of numerous media reports, including television and radio reports (Prime Time Thursday, CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, CNN Morning Show, and NPR’s All Things Considered). My work has also been discussed in scores of newspapers and magazine articles, including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, and USA Today.