Project Dataset

The Dataset

This dataset was compiled during summer 2021 by volunteer researchers working in the collections of ten Connecticut River Valley repositories.  To download the Excel spreadsheet that holds the data, please click the “Download” button at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: This dataset is meant to lead users to these archival sources, not to supplant review of them. Particularly if you are conducting research for publication and/or quotation, it is important that you follow up on these leads by consulting the primary sources yourself. Scholarly citation should not be to this dataset, but rather to the primary source in its archival setting, accompanied by the preferred credit language of the participating repository.

In addition, some of the primary sources described here are accompanied by images—quick photos taken in the field by volunteers. They are not intended for publication. If you are interested in using any of these images for purposes beyond informing archival research, please contact the repository where the source is preserved for the relevant permissions.

If you would like to contribute to this dataset in the future, please email

Photo courtesy of the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History, Springfield, Massachusetts.