In-Class Presentation Guidelines

Each of your in-class presentations counts for 20% of your final grade.  Your presentation should focus on the facilitation of your assigned reading and additional readings and other material related to your chosen topic.  Your presentation will be evaluated on the quality and accuracy of substantive content and the organization and creativity embodied in the form of the presentation.  The presentation should be social justice knowledge-based, creative, and interactive.

Each individual presentation is responsible for:
1.    Presenting a summary of the substantive content, major theses and core concepts of material related to the chosen topic;
2.    Engaging the class in discussion and/or some form of interaction relative to the topic material;
3.    Making connections between your presentation and other class concepts/readings;
4.    Employing creativity in the presentation style; and
5.    Meeting with me at least a week in advance to discuss plans for your presentation.

My evaluation of your presentation will focus on:
The facilitation of the topic material will be evaluated on the substantive content (75%) and the presentation form (25%).

Content (75%): Substantive information provided, linkages to class concepts, cogent analysis

Form (25%): Presentation style, creativity, organization, and class engagement

I will also make comments on the presentation, which will be noted at the bottom of the grading form.  I will complete an “In-Class Presentation Evaluation” form for each of your presentations.

* Please let me know what audiovisual technologies you plan to incorporate into your presentation a few days in advance so I am prepared to help with the setup!

In-Class Presentation Guidelines PDF