Question from Xanthi about exhibition planning

From Xanthi: Are the students working with the groups to get them ready for the exhibition? I have the money for photo printing and stuff, but I was hoping they’d be able to make sure we were good to go. Thanks, Xanthi

On Wednesday, when each group talks about their experiences working with the groups, please also talk about how the planning process is going for the exhibition. Also, if I forget, someone please remind me to take a tally of how many of you think you’ll be able to a) help with the planning of the exhibition and b) make it to the exhibition.

Snow day announcement

Good morning and happy snow day! Due to the fact that our class is cancelled today, I am going to try to combine some of the activities that we were going to do this week with next week’s activities.

If you have taken a look at the course syllabus, you will see that you are usually expected to write a blog comment on the readings each week (except for the weeks noted on the syllabus). Since we are not meeting today and I am not able to explain how to write a blog comment in person, I do not expect you to write a blog response for next week. However, I do expect you to do the readings for week 2/next week.

You can access the course readings from the “course readings page” on this blog.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty downloading the articles or if you have any questions about the course so far.

See you next Wednesday morning at 9:30am in DuBois 767,

Welcome to Public Health and Social Justice 690F!

This course blog will primarily serve as a place for you to post responses to the course readings (as comments). Please note that we will be meeting this semester on Wednesdays, from 9:30am-12noon in the DuBois library building, Room 767. We are meeting in this room because it will allow each of us access to a computer over the course of the semester. I am looking forward to working with all of you this semester.