Change in reading assignment for Week 11

I am reducing the number of readings you have for next week. (Note: If you have already posted a blog response and have responded to the two readings that I am cancelling for next week that is fine).

Please read the following and comment on them in your blog responses.
1. “Theorizing inequalities in health: The place of lay knowledge,” Popay et al.
2. “My journey through the whirlwind,” Dan Bar-On
3. “Developing a methodology: Narratives and stories,” Dan Bar-On
4. “Story-telling in the Israeli Jewish and Palestinian context,” Dan Bar-On

Week 11 readings, post your comments here, note change in syllabus!

Please post your comments to week 11’s (formerly week 13’s) readings on action research here.

Note that we have shifted around three week’s on the syllabus: Next week (week 11), you will read what should have been read for week 13 and you will focus on planning for your photovoice groups in class. Group presentations have been shifted back a week, so that those who were to present next week will present during week 12 and those who were to present during week 12 will present during week 13. Please email me if you have questions about this.

Week 9 readings, post your comments here

Please post your comments to the Week 9 readings on Photovoice and photo elicitation strategies here. Remember that I would like for you to comment upon each other’s comments–in effect, creating a dialogue amongst all of you about the readings. Also, please try to bring your experiences related to what you are reading into the discussion. This could tie in to what you have learned in other classes or how you have learned about things in other classes, or how you have learned about these things and thought about these things outside the classroom.

Week 7 readings–post your comments here

Please post your comments to the readings on principles of CBPR research here. Remember that I am interested in your holding a conversation with each other on the readings, so please comment on each others’ comments. I am also interested in seeing you link your ideas about the readings and course discussions to your own experiences–inside and outside the classroom.

Week 3 readings–please post your comment here!

Please remember to email me ( your blogger pseudonym before you post a comment here. Week three’s readings focus on the social determinants of health. Please also think about episode one of the Unnatural Causes film that we saw this week in class when writing your post. Also remember to look at other classmates’ comments when writing your response–I’m hoping that you will hold be able to hold a “virtual conversation” with each other before each class meeting.