Monthly Archives: September 2012

Physical Plant Kudos

He’s a Rock!

The Office of Waste Management is indebted to Maintenance Working Foreman Dennis Purdy for being willing and able to solve customer service issues wherever and whenever they arise. “He’s a rock!” Especially during the last four months, he has especially been exceptional. Thanks Dennis! Carey Simons from the School of Public Health also wrote to thank Dennis, who saved a piece of expensive equipment from being erroneously recycled.


Chancellor’s House

Rebecca Dufault wrote to thank Building Maintenance and Grounds staff for working “So hard” to prepare the Chancellor’s house for the new Chancellor and his family. The Subbaswamys can “begin to relax and live at Hillside.”


Residential Life thanks Physical Plant

Ted Mone, Associate Director for Facilities Operations in Resident Life wrote to thank Utility Plumbers, Equipment Operators, Watch Tour, Work Control, and Randall Boivin (Dig Safe) for a quick and efficient response to North Village Apartments when there was a water main break. “They all responded promptly and completed their work in a professional manner under difficult conditions, including a confined work site, darkness, high outside temperatures, and above all most of them had just completed their regular shift.”


Shiny Floors

Sue McFarland from the Asian Arts & Culture program wrote to thank Wendi Burton for the outstanding job she did cleaning and waxing the floors. “Great care was taken moving the furniture and everything was put back in place.”


Cleaners Extraordinaire

Wilmore Webley from Microbiology wrote to thank Mike Dufresne, Gil Rogers, Joe Galica Jr. and Shun Wang for “doing such an incredible job” cleaning his offices in Morrill IV. He apologized for not doing his part of the prep work, and applauded the team for doing the whole task anyway. “Keep up the great work!”


Dubois Homesite

Bob Paynter of Anthropology wrote to thank Becky Walton and the Landscape Crew who did “a wonderful job completing the installation of the new paths.” The area is safer and beautified. “They got creative and added a very nice sitting area that is a circle just off the new northern path, including using some very large tree logs for seating. It is a real added touch.” The platform is also a wonderful plus at the Homesite. “It looks very handsome and attracts people to stand” there, which was what we wanted. The neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock also praised the good hard work the crew does. “It is such an honor to work with Becky and Ray Leclair.”



Acting Chief of Police Patrick Archbald wrote to thank Joseph Galica Sr and Maida Perez for the work they are doing in the new UMPD. “This place is spotless from top to bottom! The floors, the glass, the tables, everything is as clean as the day it arrived brand new!” “We are getting nothing but compliments.”


Quick Customer Service

Jennifer Donais from the Office of Research Compliance wrote to thank Lisa Jarvis of the Physical Plant Service Desk for “quick action” and for advice on how to accomplish the desired service. Kudos, Lisa!


On the Spot

Dan Pepin of GRC wrote to thank Gary Glazier for help Dan received from two summer interns in the Landscape Department. When glass was inadvertently dropped in a roadway, they were on the spot putting out traffic cones and cleaning the road surface.



Martha Berger of Undergraduate Admissions wrote to thank Edmund Stasz, Alain Corriveau, and Rich Piskorski for polishing floors to a glossy sheen, scrubbing and cleaning a storage area, and vacuuming a basement – “which was surely above and beyond the call of duty!” All areas needed attention, and the crew did a fabulous job. Deep appreciate for the conscientious job they do.


Shiny Floors

Marilyn Orszulak, Ed Baranowski, and Johnathan Monson were thanked by Jennifer Normanly of Biochemistry for shiny floors that “look great!”