Recent Landscape Management Projects

Under the leadership/direction of Physical Plant Landscape Management staff member Brian Konieczny, Yucca, Silver Sword (from Graduate Commencement 2011) plants were planted on the barren embankment at the entrance to the parking garage. This area has dry/hot soil with a steam line directly underneath. This planting is an example of xeriscaping – landscaping with little on water – a landscape in an extreme urban area. Stone mulch was used to enhance the desert effect.

Warner Brothers Construction Company began work at the Campus Center Circle in June. The existing bituminous concrete sidewalk was removed and will be replaced with concrete sidewalks. The starting point was the southwest corner of Flint Building and continued counter clockwise around the circle to the northeast corner of the parking garage. Granite curbing will also be installed and a bus drop off area will be created on the eastern side of the circle.

Physical Plant purchased and installed a bike shelter installed on the southwestern corner of the Student Union. The bike shelter will be available to the campus community. This is the first bike shelter on campus.

Physical Plant Construction Services began work to install granite curbing around the parking lot on the south side of the Physical Plant. The existing bituminous concrete curbing had chunks missing from snow plow damage.

Physical Plant Landscape and Construction Services staff removed plant material from the lawn area on the northwest corner of the student union. The area will be re-seeded allowing for a large open lawn area.

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