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Continuum Halos in Nearby Galaxies — An EVLA Survey (CHANG-ES)

CHANG-ES Data Release Site

Recent papers from the survey:

New! CHANG-ES VIII (2016): Uncovering Hidden AGN Activity in Radio Polarization

CHANG-ES VII (2016): Magnetic outflows from the Virgo cluster galaxy NGC 4388

CHANG-ES VI (2015): Probing Supernova Energy Deposition in Spiral Galaxies Through Multi-Wavelength Relationships

CHANG-ES V (2015 ): Nuclear Radio Outflow in a Virgo Cluster Spiral after a Tidal Disruption Event

CHANG-ES IV (2015): Radio continuum emission of 35 edge-on galaxies observed with the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in D-configuration, Data Release 1

CHANG-ES III (2013): UGC10288 — An Edge-on Galaxy with a Background Double-lobed Radio Source

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Color Blindness Simulator
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National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Astronomy Picture of the Day
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Sky Safari
(my favorite astronomy app)

(a planetarium software that I’ve used extensively for teaching purposes)

Incredibly useful LaTeX resources:

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(create transparent png images containing TeX equations — perfect for PowerPoints)

LaTeX Tables Generator
(an easy interface for creating tables in LaTeX)