Methods tutorial workshop

All Friday workshops are in the west wing of Machmer Hall, in the third floor in the Institute for Social Science Research – see the map linked here, which also shows the location of adjacent parking.

Friday November 8th

Experimental methods tutorials

9:15 -10:30 Joe Pater and Presley Pizzo, UMass Amherst “Phonological judgments in Mechanical Turk with SurveyMan” (Machmer W-32)

10:45 – 12 Brian Dillon, UMass Amherst “Mixed effects models for statistical analysis of experimental data” (Machmer W-32)

1 – 2:15 Lisa Sanders, UMass Amherst “ERP methods for phonology”  (Machmer W-32)

2:30 – 5:15 John Kingston, UMass Amherst “Octave/Matlab scripting for Psychtoolbox” (Machmer W37E)

Computational methods tutorials

1 – 2:15 Brian Smith, UMass Amherst “Corpus phonology in R” (Machmer W37E)

2:30 – 3:45 Robert Staubs, UMass Amherst “When do you need to know more than one language? Working with R, Matlab, Python…”  (Machmer W-32)

4 – 5:15 Naomi Feldman, University of Maryland “Bayesian methods for psycholinguistic modeling”  (Machmer W-32)