Poster session 2: Sunday 11 – 12:15

1. The Phonetics and Phonology of Breathy Voice: Evidence from Marathi Sonorants and Obstruents. Berkson, Kelly (The University of Kansas/Indiana University)

2. Learning biases for phonological interactions. Brooks, K. Michael (Northwestern University), Pajak, Bozena (University of Rochester), Baković, Eric (UC San Diego)

3. Spanish Syllable Types and Phrase Level Syllables in Stratal Harmonic Serialism. Calamaro, Shira (Yale University)

4. When in doubt, read the instructions: a restrictive account of orthographic effects on loanword adaptation. Daland, Robert (UCLA Linguistics), Oh, Mira (Chonnam National University, English)

5. Neurophysiological evidence for phonological primitives. de Jonge, Mirjam J. I.  (ACLC, University of Amsterdam), Boersma, Paul (ACLC, University of Amsterdam)

6. Hybrid opacity in Berbice Dutch Creole. Dow, Michael (Indiana University)

7. The perceptual dimensions of sonority-driven epenthesis. Fullwood, Michelle (MIT)

8. Revisiting Phonotactic Generalizations in Australian Languages. Gasser, Emily (Yale University), Bowern, Claire (Yale University)

9. Tone-TBU disparity in three phonologies of Cantonese. Iacoponi, Luca (Rutgers University)

10. Logic and the Generative Power of Autosegmental Phonology. Jardine, Adam (University of Delaware)

11. Positional Faithfulness in Harmonic Grammar. McCarvel, Miranda (University of Utah), Kaplan, Aaron (University of Utah)

12. On the emergence of reduplication in German morphophonology. Kentner, Gerrit (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany)

13. Purely morphological constraints interact with phonological ones. Pertsova, Katya (UNC Chapel Hill)

14. Prototypical predicates have unmarked phonology. Smith, Jennifer (UNC Chapel Hill)

15. An Emergent Approach to the Guttural Natural Class. Sylak-Glassman, John (University of California, Berkeley)

16. The effect of orthography on the mapping of L2 allophonic variants to lexical entries. Yang, Chung-Lin (Indiana University-Bloomington) Darcy, Isabelle (Indiana University-Bloomington)

17. L2 speakers’ perceptual compensation of the underlying phonemes. Yun, Gwanhi (Daegu University)