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Morris Halle memorial

From David Pesetsky
A memorial for Morris Halle will take place at MIT on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  So we can estimate the number of attendees, please register at the following site if you are planning to come:
The exact time and location will be announced once they have been determined — by email to those who have registered as well as on the MIT Linguistics website, on Whamit, and on our Facebook page.  We hope to livestream the event, and make the video available online, but these details will also be confirmed in a later announcement.

Morris Halle RIP

Updated April 6th with photos sent by Donca Steriade, and link to MIT news office article with interviews with Donca, Noam Chomsky and David Pesetsky.

Circa 2000

LSA Summer Institute, UMass Amherst 1974




Original post.

Morris Halle died early this morning, April 2, 2018. There is no official notice on the MIT Linguistics site yet, but Mark Liberman has posted this very nice RIP note on Language Log, which has started to gather some further tributes:

It seems that the Phonolist audience might be somewhat different from Language Log, so if you have anything you wish to contribute here, please do so.



Greg Lamontagne RIP

We got the sad news this week at UMass of Greg Lamontagne’s passing ( He completed his PhD in 1993, with a dissertation entitled “Syllabification and consonant cooccurrence conditions” ( He became a higher ed administrator – a description of his career up to 2013 can be found here: