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Commitment to gender equity at scholarly conferences

This petition has been around for about 5 years now, but it’s been making the rounds on social media lately. Some recent discussion of this issue and related ones in phonology can be found in these posts to Phonolist. “If

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New Conference on Computational Modeling in Linguistics

We are planning a new conference on computational modeling in linguistics for Fall 2017 and would love to get input from phonologists and other linguists about how we can best realize our goals for this conference and make it as accessible and useful to linguists

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Looking for unpublished Artificial Grammar studies

We’re working on a statistical meta-analysis of studies investigating phonetic naturalness bias in artificial grammar learning, and we’re looking for unpublished studies (to attempt to correct for publication bias).  If you or your students have such a study, we would

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Discussion: Chomsky 1957 on the English past tense

From Joe Pater I was reading Syntactic Structures recently for a non-phonological project, and I was surprised to come across in a footnote an analysis of an irregular past tense alternation that looked a lot more like Albright and Hayes

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Discussion: Examples of loanword nativization

From Shigeto Kawahara Dear colleagues, I am looking for examples of the following type. In loanword adaptation, sometimes the borrower start using a structure that was not allowed in their native language. For example, Japanese voiced geminates were not allowed

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Discussion: Phonology archives

From Joe Pater I came across an interesting blog post the other day discussing the practice of posting conference papers to arXiv in NLP and machine learning before they have been reviewed. It includes some data from a poll on how people use

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Response and Data: Phonology at general linguistics conferences

From Stephanie Shih (email: Spurred on by the interesting discussion of phonology at general linguistics conferences (initiated by Abby Kaplan,, I was curious what the actual numbers are. Is it the case that the data reflect our intuitions about the

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Discussion: Phonology at general linguistics conferences

From Abby Kaplan: I’d like to solicit thoughts about the representation of phonology at general linguistics conferences.  (I’m thinking particularly of major regional conferences such as WCCFL and NELS.)  As I’m sure we’re all aware, the phonology talks are often

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Gender data from NAPhC question periods

From Eric Bakovic Following the lead of others reported here on Phonolist, I gathered questioner gender data at NAPhC 9 held earlier this month. Stephanie Shih was generous enough to generate the color-coded report based on the data that you

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Kickstarting a plotting revolution: Let’s talk about data visualization

From Alexander Martin Comments are most welcome! A group of young researchers has started an initiative to improve scientific communication, focusing specifically on data visualization and the pitfalls of the ever-present bar plots.   While there exist a wide array

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