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Soliciting examples of prefix (non-)cohesion

I am a graduate student in phonology at UCLA whose MA work aims in part to formalize the traditional understanding that there is a morphological asymmetry in phonological cohesion: suffixes are vastly more readily incorporated into the prosodic domain of

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Discussion: Happy 25th to OT!

From Joe Pater This year is a good candidate for the 25th anniversary of Optimality Theory. 1993 marks not only the publication date of Prince and Smolensky’s book as a technical report, but also the year of the establishment of

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Syllabification of consonant clusters after vowel deletion

Dear colleagues, Jason Shaw (Yale) and I are interested in how languages syllabify the consonant clusters after V1 is deleted in C1V1C2V2 configuration, especially word-initially. There are two strategies: (1) resyllabification C1V1.C2V2 => C1C2V2 (2) C1 keeps its syllabicity C1V1.C2V2

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Men ask more questions than women at a scientific conference

This paper just appeared in PlosOne: “Men ask more questions than women at a scientific conference” Amy Hinsley, William J. Sutherland, Alison Johnston Abstract Gender inequity in science and academia, especially in senior positions, is a recognised problem. The reasons are poorly

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Discussion: Scholarly hub – open alternative to Research Gate

Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most popular platforms for academic exchange, but they have obvious problems and limitations. Do we need an open alternative to Research Gate? Check out Would anyone use this? We’d have to have a

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AMP 2017 question-asking report

From Claire Moore-Cantwell Here are some data gathered by Joe Pater and Yining Nie, about the questions asked at AMP 2017, at NYU.  Following last year’s report, participants are broken down by gender, as well as whether they are a

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Flapping in English derivatives: your judgments needed!

From Juliet Stanton Donca Steriade and I are curious about some aspects of flapping in English.  To respond, you can either comment on this post or email me directly at juliets [at] mit [dot] edu.  Please also indicate whether or

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Microsoft Office learns IPA?

From Kie Zuraw: Phonolist has been a serious forum, but in the spirit of the old days of Phonoloblog, where miscellaneous phonological observations shared space with weightier matters, here is the first–and most frivolous–in a short series of posts from me.

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AMP 2016 gender data

From Claire Moore-Cantwell Below are some graphs of gender data collected at AMP 2016, by Jesse Zymet and Eric Bakovic. Note that unlike previous reports of this type, participants are broken down by gender, but also by whether they are

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Discussion: Pokeman names in English and elsewhere

From Shigeto Kawahara My students and I wrote up a paper on a few sound symbolic patterns in Japanese pokemon names, where we show that mora counts and voiced obstruents affect pokemon characters’ weight, size, and strength. The paper can

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