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Shih and Zuraw 2015: Phonological conditions on variable adjective-noun word order in Tagalog

From Stephanie Shih, public discussion in comments below welcome Shih, Stephanie and Kie Zuraw. 2015. Phonological conditions on variable adjective-noun word order in Tagalog. Ms, UC Merced and UCLA. (Submitted/Under review). Abstract. Tagalog adjectives and nouns variably occur in two

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Moreton, Pater, Pertsova 2015: Phonological concept learning

The authors welcome public discussion in comments below. Moreton, Elliott, Joe Pater and Katya Pertsova. 2015. Phonological concept learning. Cognitive Science. 1-66. DOI: 10.1111/cogs.12319 Abstract. Linguistic and non-linguistic pattern learning have been studied separately, but we argue for a comparative approach. Analogous inductive

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Glossa is the new Lingua

E-mail from Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, Dec. 16, 2015 Dear colleagues, With this message we want to inform you of the transition of the journal formerly known as Lingua to the new journal Glossa, which will be published under conditions of

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Preliminary call: Twenty-Fourth Manchester Phonology Meeting

E-mail from Patrick Honeybone to the mfm list PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS Twenty-Fourth Manchester Phonology Meeting 26-28 MAY 2016 Deadline for abstracts: February 2016 [Precise date to be confirmed] Special session: ‘Evidence in phonology’, featuring speakers to be confirmed To

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