SCiL: Submission Deadline Aug. 7th, Formal language sessions

The submission deadline for the January 2-5 2020 meeting of the Society for Computation in Linguistics in New Orleans is in about two weeks, on August 7th. See the full call here

The organizers would also like to now announce that in addition to the plenary session on “Computation and Meaning,” SCiL 2020 will feature an NSF-funded workshop on “Formal Language Theory in Linguistics,” whose goal is to communicate to the participants of SCiL recent research in formal language theory as it applies to linguistic theory and natural language processing. The workshop will be conducted as a series of events throughout the conference, including a panel discussion and tutorial sessions.

Additionally, as part of the workshop, we are also accepting abstracts for a special ‘works in progress’ session. This will be a series of short presentations meant for work that might otherwise be deemed to be too preliminary for the existing computational/mathematical linguistics venues. Abstracts should follow the same two-page format as for the main session, but should be clearly marked for the works in progress session.