Esipova (2018) – Constraints on QUD-addressing appositives: pragmatics or prosody?

Constraints on QUD-addressing appositives: pragmatics or prosody?
Maria Esipova
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August 2018
Can appositives address questions under discussion (QUDs), and what does it depend on? Koev (2012; 2013) claims that there is a contrast between clause-
final appositives, which can address QUDs relatively easily, and clause-medial appositives, which are at best marginal at QUD addressing. In this squib I look at sentences like the preceding one, which contain responses to multiple QUDs, and explore constraints on their con
figurations. I conclude that whether an appositive can address a QUD is determined by both pragmatic and prosodic factors that go beyond its linear position with respect to clause boundaries. This 5-page squib is a follow-up to this snippet:

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Reference: lingbuzz/004144
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Published in: manuscript
keywords: appositives, appositive relative clauses, questions under discussion, pragmatics, prosody, semantics, phonology