Stanton (2018) – Phonetic lapse in American English –ative

Phonetic lapse in American English –ative
Juliet Stanton
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June 2018
This paper argues that constraints regulating the distribution of metrical prominence must be able to reference fine-grained durational information. Evidence comes from an apparent segmental effect on stress in American English –ative: stress on –at- is more likely when it is preceded by an obstruent or cluster (as in irrigative, integrative) than when preceded by a vowel or a sonorant (as in palliative, speculative; see Nanni 1977). I propose that this pattern should be understood as an effect of phonetically evaluated *Lapse: longer lapses are penalized more severely than shorter ones. Results from a nonce word rating task support this proposal.

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keywords: phonology, phonetics, stress, english