Programme – Réseau Français de Phonologie 16, Paris


Dear all,

We are very glad to announce that the programme for the next Réseau Français de Phonologie 16 to be held in Paris at the UMR 7023 Structures Formelles du Langage  (27-29 June 2018) has been published on our website: (program main session) (abstracts keynote speakers) (abstracts main session)

Workshop 1 : The Phonology of the Lesser-Known Languages and of Endangered Languages. Documentary and Theoretical Approaches   (abstracts Workshop 1)

Workshop 2 : Acquisition of the Lesser-Known Languages (abstracts Workshop 2)

The online registration is also open.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris.

Best wishes,

Michela Russo (on behalf of the organising committee)


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