Merchant 2018: The Contours of nGY

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ROA: 1342
Title: The Contours of nGY
Authors: Nazarre Merchant
Length: 27 pp
Abstract: The nGY system is an OT system that extends the nGX system with the addition of marking a single foot as the head of the prosodic word and with the addition of two constraints that target the head of the prosodic word (Main-foot-left and Main-foot-right). These additions yield a quantity insensitive footing system containing 36 languages. This paper provides a property analysis of the system delimiting a set of extensional traits and associated properties, meaning that each languages’s extensional traits are derived from property values that encode the ranking requirements of the language’s grammar.

The goal here is not merely to provide a complete accounting of the languages of nGY, but to understand the structure of more complex typologies and how they relate to simplified versions of themselves. This paper shows how the density classes of nGX (sparse, weakly dense, and strongly dense) lift into the more articulated nGY system and provide the central organizing framework for understanding the patterns of nGY.

Type: Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords: Phonology, OT, Formal Analysis, Property Theory