Hyman and Plank, eds. (2018) Phonological Typology

A new collection of papers on “Phonological Typology” edited by Larry Hyman and Frans Plank has just been published (https://www.degruyter.com/viewbooktoc/product/465362#). The table of contents is below.

Larry M. Hyman

What is phonological typology?  1

Frans Plank

An implicational universal to defy: typology ⊃ ¬ phonology ≡ phonology ⊃¬ typology ≡ ¬ (typology ᴧ phonology) ≡ ¬ typology v ¬ phonology 21

Paul Kiparsky

Formal and empirical issues in phonological typology  54

Ian Maddieson

Is phonological typology possible without (universal) categories?  107

Jeffrey Heinz

The computational nature of phonological generalizations 126

Anthony Brohan and Jeff Mielke

Frequent segmental alternations in P-base 3  196

Aditi Lahiri

Predicting universal phonological contrasts  229

B. Elan Dresher, Christopher Harvey, and Will Oxford

Contrastive feature hierarchies as a new lens on typology 273

Ellen Broselow

Laryngeal contrasts in second language phonology  312

Tomas Riad

The phonological typology of North Germanic accent 341

Carlos Gussenhoven

Prosodic typology meets phonological representations 389