Tokizaki (2018) – Externalization, stress and word order

Externalization, stress and word order
Hisao Tokizaki
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January 2018
In the principle and parameter theory of generative grammar in the 1980s, the variation of word order in languages was ascribed to the value of the head directionality parameter (head-initial/final). Following the minimalist program of linguistic theory, this paper argues that syntactic computation builds a structure without linear order, which is only linearized at the externalization to the sensory-motor system, according to the stress pattern of the language. We can derive word order variation in the world’s languages from their phonology, especially their stress systems. We can do away with the complement movement that derives head-final structure from the head-initial structure constructed by the Linear Correspondence Axiom (Kayne (1993)).

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Reference: lingbuzz/003881
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Published in: Proceedings of Sophia University Linguistic Society No.32, 18-34.
keywords: interface, minimalist, linearization, morphology, syntax, phonology