Greg Lamontagne RIP

We got the sad news this week at UMass of Greg Lamontagne’s passing ( He completed his PhD in 1993, with a dissertation entitled “Syllabification and consonant cooccurrence conditions” ( He became a higher ed administrator – a description of his career up to 2013 can be found here:


5 thoughts on “Greg Lamontagne RIP

  1. Joe Pater Post author

    I have fond memories of Greg when I was just starting out in phonology. He was a helpful guide to some of the mysteries of academia, and a fun guy to hang out with. I was sad to hear we lost him so young – my thoughts there are especially with his family.

  2. Eric Bakovic

    I am completely devastated by this news.

    Greg was a visiting lecturer at Rutgers in the middle of my time there. He was a willing and more-than-able sounding board for everything I was working on at the time, and he and his family were incredibly kind to me at a time when I really needed it. Like Joe, my thoughts are with Joanna, Rebecca, and Reneé.

    When it had become clear to Greg that a job as a phonologist probably wasn’t in the cards for him, he declared to me that he would become a “junior dean” somewhere — and that’s pretty much exactly what he did. I remember thinking that I hoped I’d have the wherewithal to make a career shift like that if and when the time came, and I still hope that for all of our students who may or may not be lucky enough to land the kind of job we’re training them to do.

  3. Rachel Walker

    I’m sorry to be late in chiming in on this thread. Greg was teaching at the University of Toronto while I was completing my MA there. He was a committee member on my “forum paper” (essentially an MA thesis), and he provided many challenging discussions on that topic for which I am grateful. I remember fondly that Greg wore combat boots to class and performed knee bends on the desk when he got excited about a topic. His enthusiasm for OT was infectious. My condolences go out to his loved ones.


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