Papers in Historical Phonology: vol 2 complete; vol 3 begun

Papers in Historical Phonology (PiHPh) publishes one volume per year (with articles added as soon as they are cleared for publication). All articles are available on a fully open access basis.


Volume 3 (2018) has begun publication – it is available here:

Just published in volume 3:

* Aspiration in Basque
– José Ignacio Hualde


Volume 2 (2017) closed at the end of December – it is available here:

Volume 2 has the following contents:

* The diachrony of Mapudungun stress assignment
– Benjamin Molineaux

* Lexical tone in Deori: loss, contrast and word based alignment
– Shakuntala Mahanta, Indranil Dutta, Prarthana Acharyya

* Vocalic Shifts in Attic-Ionic Greek
– Bridget D. Samuels

* Voice-induced vowel lengthening
– Tobias Scheer

* Reality in a soft science: the metaphonology of historical reconstruction
– Roger Lass

* Breaking the symmetry of geminates in diachrony and synchrony
– Michela Russo, Shanti Ulfsbjorninn


Submissions for PiHPh are always welcome: