Tokizaki (2017) – Righthand Head Rule and the typology of word stress

Righthand Head Rule and the typology of word stress
Hisao Tokizaki
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June 2017
It has been pointed out that there are languages that violate the Righthand Head Rule (RHR) for words and compounds (Williams (1981) among others). This paper argues that the languages violating RHR have righthand word-stress such as penultimate stress, which blocks head-final order in linearization. A stress-based theory of linearization (Tokizaki (2011), Tokizaki and Kuwana (2013b)) straightforwardly explains why RHR is observed in some languages and not in others. It is argued that we do not need morphological head parameters as well as syntactic head parameters.

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Reference: lingbuzz/003677
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Published in: KLS 37, 253-264. Kansai Linguistic Society.
keywords: compound, head parameter, linearization, morphological parameter, morphology, phonology