Sayeed (2017) – String Phonology

String Phonology
Ollie Sayeed
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June 2017
I give a formal model of phonology, which I call String Phonology, which maps strings to strings. In line with substance-free and evolutionary phonology, the model doesn’t try to limit phonology to ‘natural’ rules; instead, it’s supposed to be maximally general, performing any sort of computation on strings given the pieces of machinery that are needed to account for attested rules. In section 2, I discuss some preliminaries in methodology around how to pick a theory of phonology from the evidence. In section 3, I introduce the model; in section 4, I define the operations that produce allowable strings; and in section 5, I explain the ‘delete-and-unify’ model of how rules act on strings. In section 6, I discuss what sorts of rules are possible and impossible under this model.

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Reference: lingbuzz/003508
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Published in: University of Cambridge
keywords: phonology, string, substance-free, diachrony, formal, mathematical, model, phonology