Staroverov and Kavitskaya (2017) – Tundra Nenets consonant sandhi as coalescence

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Title: Tundra Nenets consonant sandhi as coalescence
Authors: Peter Staroverov, Darya Kavitskaya
Comment: The Linguistic Review 34(2): 331-364 (preprint)
Length: 29 pp
Abstract: Consonant cluster simplification in Tundra Nenets coexists with other consonantal alternations, such as fricative strengthening, lenition of stops, and a variety of NC-effects, which all apply within the same phrasal domain. These processes interact with each other, suggesting an opaque ordering within the same post-lexical domain and thus presenting a challenge not only for inherently parallel theories like classical Optimality Theory (Prince & Smolensky 2004), but also for the cyclic derivational approaches such as Stratal OT (Kiparsky 2000; Bermúdez-Otero 2011). We analyze all instances of Tundra Nenets cluster simplification as coalescence and show that a variety of apparently opaque alternations accompanying cluster simplification can be seen as transparent on this account. We also argue that strengthening in consonant clusters is caused by an intermediate stage where coda obstruents lose their place and turn into a glottal stop.
Type: Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords: tundra nenets, uralic, optimality theory, cluster simplification, coalescence, cyclicity, opacity, stratal ot, morphology, phonology