Samuels (2017) – Beyond markedness in formal phonology

Beyond Markedness in Formal Phonology

Edited by Bridget D. Samuels

University of Southern California

In recent years, an increasing number of linguists have re-examined the question of whether markedness has explanatory power, or whether it is a phenomenon that begs explanation itself. This volume brings together a collection of articles with a broad range of critical viewpoints on the notion of markedness in phonological theory. The contributions span a variety of phonological frameworks and relate to morphosyntax, historical linguistics, neurolinguistics, biolinguistics, and language typology. This volume will be of particular interest to phonologists of both synchronic and diachronic persuasions and has strong implications for the architecture of grammar with respect to phonology and its interfaces with morphosyntax and phonetics.

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 241] 2017. xii, 237 pp.

Table of Contents

Table of contents



Bridget D. Samuels

Chapter 1.   Markedness   in   substance-free   and   substance-dependent   phonology

David Odden

Chapter 2.   Contrast   is   irrelevant   in   phonology:   A   simple   account   of   Russian   /v/   as   /V/

Charles Reiss

Chapter 3.   What   are   grammars   made   of?

Juliette Blevins

Chapter 4.   Consonant   epenthesis   and   markedness

Bert Vaux and Bridget D. Samuels

Chapter 5.   On   silent   markedness

Edoardo Cavirani and Marc van Oostendorp

Chapter 6.   The   phonetic   salience   of   phonological   head-dependent

structure   in   a   modulated-carrier   model   of   speech

Kuniya Nasukawa

Chapter 7.   Markedness   and   formalising   phonological   representations

Shanti Ulfsbjorninn

Chapter 8.   Are   there   brain   bases   for   phonological   markedness?

Mathias Scharinger

Chapter 9.   There   is   no   place   for   markedness   in   biologically-informed   phonology

Pedro Tiago Martins