Phonology at GLOW 41

From Peter Szigetvari

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, GLOW41 will be held in Budapest next spring (11-13 April 2018).  The GLOW board is keen on having more phonology on the menu of the main colloquium.  Abstract submission is open until 15 November at  More details at

There will be a one-day workshop on “Long-distance segmental phenomena” the day before the main colloquium (10 April 2018).  We have invited Laura Downing and Andrew Nevins.  We also expect your abstracts on nonlocal phenomena at until 15 November.  More details at

The Phonological Theory Agora will have its regular biannual workshop the day after the main colloquium (14 April 2018) on the necessity of formalization in phonology.  Details of this event will be linked to

There are three further one-day workshops organized before and after GLOW on “Predication in relation to propositions and properties” ( ), “The grammar and pragmatics of interrogatives and their (special) uses” (, and “Sign Language Syntax and Linguistic Theory” ( ).

Hoping to see you around,
Peter Szigetvari