De Clerq (2016) – Prosody as an argument for a layered left periphery

Prosody as an argument for a layered left periphery
Karen De Clercq
December 2016
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Van Heuven and Haan’s (2000, 2002) experimental work on the prosody of Dutch question types found that the prosodic signalling of interrogativity is stronger for Dutch declarative questions, less so for yes/no-questions and even less so for wh-questions. This paper shows how the sequence established on prosodic grounds (declarative questions > yes/no questions > wh questions > statements) is mirrored in the functional hierarchy in syntax. Prosody therefore provides an argument for a detailed left periphery (Rizzi 1997, 2001; Haegeman and Hill 2013).

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Reference: lingbuzz/003240
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Published in: will appear in “Discussies” in Nederlandse Taalkunde in 2017
keywords: prosody, clause typing, left periphery, split cp, speech act layer, syntax, phonology