Boskovic (2016) – Tone sandhi in Taiwanese and phasal spell-out

Tone sandhi in Taiwanese and phasal spell-out
Zeljko Boskovic
December 2016
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The paper examines the C particle kong in Taiwanese. Following Simpson and Wu (2002), the paper argues that tone sandhi that kong participates in provides an argument for multiple spell-out. It is also shown that the kong construction can be used to tease apart different approaches to multiple spell-out and successive-cyclic movement. In particular, tone sandhi with kong provides evidence for the approach argued for in Bošković (in press), which dispenses with the PIC and where spell-out targets phases and successive-cyclic movement targets phrases above phases. The paper also provides a uniform account of the derivational PF effect regarding tone sandhi in Taiwanese and the derivational PF effect regarding primary stress assignment in English noted in Bresnan (1972).

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keywords: complementizers, multiple spell-out, phases, stress, successive-cyclic movement, taiwanese, the phase-impenetrability condition, tone sandhi, syntax, phonology