GDRI Phonological Theory Agora: International network 3rd meeting on Phonology and Lexicon

GDRI Phonological Theory Agora: International network

3rd meeting on Phonology and Lexicon


The Phonological Theory Agora (PTA) aims at being a platform for debate on theoretical issues. We do so (among other things) by organizing yearly venues where phonologists can meet to discuss recent advances as well as issues in phonological theory. We are not devoted to any specific theory and welcome contributions from any theoretical stance.

This 2016 venue will take place in Tours (France) on October 14th and 15thThere will be two days divided into three sessions.

Day 1: The symposium will be devoted to the relation between Phonology and the Lexicon, featuring Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Donca Steriade as keynote speakers. Presentations will be short (5-10 minutes), and discussion after those relatively long (25-20 minutes). Potential speakers are invited to only (a) make a claim, and (b) give some key arguments for it. Although it is not impossible to support the position with empirical material, the emphasis should be on the implications for phonological theory at large. In the morning of the first day, there will be a tutorial by Ricardo Bermudez-Otero and Donca Steriade on Phonology and the Lexicon.

Day 2: There will be a workshop whose goal is to promote discussion and theory-oriented debate in an original way: a data set will be defined that everybody works on to show how it could be analyzed in different theories. This year’s topic is height harmony in German.